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Zanjutsu is the Shinigami art of fighting with the Zanpakutou. It is a blanket term for many forms of swordsmanship employed by Soul Reapers.

Hozuri: A simple, but weak cut that only does superficial damage to the cheek.

Shitonegaeshi: Once an opponent is down, they are restrained by having the user's Zanpakuto placed just above their face.

Agitowari: The attacker bifurcates a foe starting at the jaw, going the length of the body.

Ryodan: A Kendo technique in which one grasps their sword with both hands and splits an enemy down the middle.

Onibi: A stabbing technique that leaves a huge, cylindrical hole in the opponent.

Hitotsume Nadegiri: An exact slice of unbelievable force and speed that is able to cleave down immense opponents. Those struck by it often don't realize the severity of their wounds for a moment.

Suikawari: A two-handed slash from above which was created to cut the target's head in two.

Senmaioroshi: An attack of many quick slashes that shreds a victim.