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This is the main area of the game, the area to hunt Hollows and gain gold, gems, experience, and a few other various things.
Track Hollows
  • Slumming is looking for weaker enemies; when you slum, most enemies will be a level lower than you, making them weaker and easier to kill, but you won't gain as much experience or gold.
  • Looking for something to kill is looking for enemies who are mostly the same level as you. This is the most basic and most used option (also most suggested). You will gain an average amount of experience and gold this way.
  • Thrillseeking is looking for a challenge, enemies who are mostly 1 level higher than you. You will receive bonus experience and larger amounts of gold for killing these enemies.
  • Searching suicidally is exactly as its name states: suicidal. You will face enemies who are mostly 2 levels higher than you. They could be extremely strong compared to you and there is a large chance you will need to use spells to beat these enemies. This is only suggested if you are desperate for experience and have some extra reiatsu.

All enemies in the forest are Hollows. Levels of the forest enemies will vary (as noted above) and after reaching a certain amount of Final Tests, you may face multiple enemies.

In the forest, you can also receive special events. There are all sorts of different special events, ranging from finding a gem to encountering a bathing beauty.

While you don't have to "Track Hollows," it is basically the only way you'll receive any significant amount of experience or gold.