Leveling Up

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Many Academy Students wonder how they will ever get to level 2. Well, all you need to do is Track Hollows and fight until your experience bar (located in "character info") is blue. Once that is done, return to your Home City (the city where you started; as an Academy Student, you would be from Soul Society) and go to Train your Inner Self. All you must do now is fight your master and win, then you will level up.

Repeat this process until you have reached Level 10, then you may take your Final Tests. It is a long and difficult process, and you may feel like you'll never get strong enough. Don't worry; have faith in yourself and you will rise out of your slump.

Leveling Weapons and Armor

Many new players also find it difficult to level because they don't know where to buy stronger weapons and armor. Most games based off LotGD have shops where players can purchase stronger weapons. LoB is different; here, you train your attack and defense at the Training Grounds, which is located within Your Inner Self (the same place where you level up). Make sure you train often, and you will find that leveling comes easier as you progress.