I was a higher level, why'd I lose in that PvP?

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Did you check how many Final Tests the enemy had? If not, that could be the reason you lost. The more Final Tests he has, the stronger he is. There are a few reasons as to why he would be stronger:

  • He had more Final Test points to spend on the attribute system and has gained more attack, defense, and speed.
  • He has been playing longer, giving him a better chance to have more hitpoints and receive stronger weapons and armor faster.
  • He has more Final Tests, therefore receiving +1 attack and +1 defense for every Test more he has than you.

Your loss can be blamed also on distribution of Final Test points. If he put points into attack and defense related categories (such as strength or wisdom) and you put your points into forest fights, there's a higher chance you will lose. The reason could also be caused by them having a higher weapon/armor than you (weapons and armor are very important in PvP). Or the simplest reason for your loss could be blamed on pure luck. During PvP, random numbers are generated based on the attack and defense of both players. He may have just gotten lucky.