I am a new player to LoB and need help!!!

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Where do I buy weapons and armor?!

In Legend of Bleach you are a Shinigami. Shinigami's tend to have the same Zanpakutou (which you already have as a weapon) and the same clothes (Shinigami clothes) so there is no place to buy a weapon or armor, as you already have them. What you can do though is increase the strength of your weapon and armor.

Makes sense, right?

You will need to go to the village that you FIRST started in. In your case (if you are a new player) it will be Soul Society.

You will need to travel there, if you are not there already.

This can be done by going to "Train Inner Self" -> "Training Grounds" -> "Train your Offensive Zanpakutou Skills" or "Train your Defensive Zanpakutou Skills"

NOTE: You need gold to upgrade your weapon and armor.

Where is the forest/How do I level up?

To level you will need to engage Hollows by travelling to one of the villages, such as Rukongai or Karakura and then select "Track Hollows".

To travel to another village select the "Travel" option and choose your destination.

NOTE: Travelling uses up Travelling Points, travel wisely and only if necessary!

You may need to increase the strength of your weapon and armor by travelling to the village you first started in, before attacking Hollows.

Remember it is best to keep your weapon and armor at the same level as your character or higher!

This can be done by going to "Train Inner Self" -> "Training Grounds" -> "Train your Offensive Zanpakutou Skills" or "Train your Defensive Zanpakutou Skills"

You will need gold for these actions.

I'm still lost!

I'm impressed... no really, I am.

Okay, send in a Petition. You can send in a petition by selecting the "Petition for Help" option found on the top of the webpage. Be as detailed as possible about what the issue is and a moderator will get to you as soon as they are available.

A moderator may respond to you by Private Message (PM). You may check to see if you have a new message by selecting your "Hell Butterfly", which is also at the top of the webpage.

You can use the petition link to also report problems; bugs, badnavs, game issues, etc.

... Use it only if your life is on the line... I'm only joking!... Maybe.

I have leveled up! Now what to do?

So you've finally gotten an idea of what you should do. I will not tell you how you will get there (you can ask other players by Private Messaging them or posting in the villages for help), but I can tell you what's expected of you.

You will need to keep leveling up, by gaining experience (Tracking Hollows, PvP, events,...) until you have reached Level 10!

Once you have made it to level 10, there will be a new option in the forest. Select that new option to progress to stardom! (Yes, really)

NOTE: Make sure you are prepared for whatever is in store. So make sure your weapon and armor at least match your own level, if not greater. Good luck!

Anything Else?

Basically, have fun! Mingle with other players, make friends! Don't be shy! If you need help, simply ask!

The staff at times post updates about LoB in a magical box called the MoTD. It can be found at the top of the webpage as MoTD... you can't miss it (well you can, but at least now you know). Check it every now and then for important information or updates about LoB!