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Stats - Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Constitution were added to the game to make your character more unique.

Strength affects your character's attack power.

Dexterity affects your character's speed.

Wisdom affects your character's kidou power.

Intelligence affects the number of reiatsu points available to your character.

Constitution affects how your character can take hits.


To make the game a bit more complex than simply having attack and defense where both damage and hit-chance collide, I wanted to have it more like a real roleplaying game... with character stats that reflect how you like to be:

->a fast and lethal fighter, not too tough but hard to catch;

->a strong brute that can take out others with a few hits, not fast but sturdy;

->the intelligent and wise Shinigami that relies on kidou rather than brute force;

... etc

So when the server the game was introduced, this system was introduced as well, and fighting etc calculated accordingly.


Your speed rating = 1/2 * dexterity + 1/4 * intelligence + 2.5

your defense will be = 1/4 * wisdom + 3/8 * constitution + 3/8 * speed -9 + misc defense points

your attack will be = 1/3 * strength + 1/3 * speed + 1/6 * wisdom + 1/6 * intelligence -9 + misc attack points

Note that there will be a damage formula later on; Neji will do this step-by-step as this is a rather radical change.

Values get rounded naturally (up to 0.49999999 down, rest up)

Note that this will affect all fights- hunting hollows, PvPing, and anything else.

You will see your REAL attack points in the stats, not the misc points.

Other Notes

Charm ---> Already there; there will not be a change.

Wisdom ---> Rarely used, but there will be different stuff to use it, i.e. items you are unfamiliar with are not usable or so.

Intelligence ---> Your bonus reiatsu points on a New Day will be "Standard Bonus": + 1 per every 12 Intelligence Points. So you can have tons of use points because you are so smart and make efficient use of your reiatsu.

There will be ongoing changes with this system.