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Arrancar in 'Bleach'

An Arrancar is a Hollow that has removed its mask and in doing so has gained abilities similar to that of a Shinigami. Arrancars are one of the few opponents that are able to fight on par with even the strongest of Captains.

Most significantly are the Espada; Aizen's ten most powerful Arrancar. The Arrancars aided in Aizen's attempt to defeat the Gotei 13 and his goal to overthrow the king of the Soul Society.

Arrancar on 'Legend of Bleach'

Arrancar is available as a race in LoB. It can be obtained around the rank of Taichō along with some other requirements.

Abilities of Arrancars

Arrancars are powerful in general and are equipped with powerful abilities that can be used at the cost of some reiatsu.

Abilities currently available for Arrancars are (some of these abilities will be unlocked eventually depending on requirements met):